At Diza’s World Beauty College, our basic philosophy is to offer training to successfully prepare graduates with the skills needed to secure employment in their chosen field. With this in mind, we continually survey the profession to keep abreast of current trends, designs and techniques required by employers.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Diza’s World Beauty College is to provide motivated students with a quality career oriented education combined with practical experience to instil the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to empower the students, upon graduation, to achieve success in high demand fields of health, beaty and wellness.


To take lead in providing an added-value educational opportunity to all students geared to producing employable, professional and dexterous graduates for local and international market

Where can I perform?

  • A Cosmetology license qualifies you to work in all areas of Hair, Nails, and Facial services.
  • A Full Specialist license allows you to work as a Full Specialist doing Nails, and Facial Specialist.
  • A Manicuring license qualifies you to work as a Manicuring Specialist, Product Demonstrator or Nail Artist.
  • Permanent Makeup training qualifies you to work as a Permanent Makeup Technician.
  • A Skin Care license qualifies you to work as a Facial Specialist, Hair Removal, Makeup Artist, and Facial Massage therapeutic.


What Our Students Say

If you love to take care of yourself, and constantly search for new treatments or products to try. Then you’re like me and this program will be the best suit for you.
So much to learn, such an amazing experience.

Gowri Annapurna Menadi

Skin Care Program

I loved nail art and felt very interested in facial care. Since this program merged both I tried it and was the best decision I ever made. I have now more clients that search for both of the services. An is an integral way of taking care of them.

Mariam A.T Sesay

Full Specialist Program


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